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The Experiencer - 1977

An experimental film by Michael Kohler and Brian Helweg-Larsen.

Made over a seven year period, in caves in Minorca, underwater locations in the Bahamas, in the Dolomites and the Cairngorms.

This was shown once on Channel 4 (28 July 1988) and never repeated. Missed the start (according to BFI its 135 minutes), but got 92 minutes on VHS.

A truely bizzare and visually stunning film, follows a young man's nightmare journey into the subconscious, back to his birth and beyond and meetings with archetypes.

The only reference on the internet i can find is a brief mention on the British Film Institute database: http://ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/title/61688

Anyone know anymore about this film? Definitely deserves a release on DVD...


Director: Michael Kohler
Production Company: Michael Kohler
Photography: Michael Kohler
Editor: Brian Helweg-Larsen

Full cast list

Screening programme - 1977

Guus Schilder kindly sent me a scan of the programme handed out during a screening

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Michael Kohler

Apparently he made at least two other films in the late 1960s: "A Beginning" and "The Host".

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